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How many times have you purchased new golf grips for your clubs, only to think to yourself that they surely can’t be any better than the old ones? How many times do you think the golf stores use “golfers like” as an excuse to sell expensive grips every time you need a new pair? To help avoid these pitfalls, we’ve put together this blog post full of our Lamkin golf grips review.

I’d like to share my personal experience with Lamkin grips. I found these grips to be durable, easy-to-install, and better than the original grips on my clubs.

It’s no secret that golf can be frustrating for beginners. No matter how hard you try, your shots are always inconsistent. This is because of how difficult it is to keep a grip on your club. That’s why it might seem tempting at first to buy the cheapest set of clubs available at your local store without looking much into them.

In our other articles, we have also discussed golf glove tips, and etiquette when playing golf with strangers.

Lamkin logo
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Lamkin golf grips review
Lamkin golf grips review



on Amazon

Amazon Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

What are Lamkin golf grips?

Golf grips are a product that helps players maintain a steady grip on their golf clubs. Paired with the right kind of grips, this will add to the level of confidence that you have in your swing. If you’re looking to save money when buying golf grips, then look no further.

Lamkin golf grips tend to have a much heavier feel than your normal old ones might have. This helps in improving your swing without a doubt. I recommend using Lamkin golf grips with a graphite shaft driver. Just because they’re awesome at helping you add some extra power to your shots. They also have a very comfortable feel in your hands.

What are the features of Lamkin golf grips?

There are many different brands of golf club grips on the market today. But in my opinion, a lot of them don’t offer the same kind of quality in their products as Lamkin does. The company is well-known for its high-quality grips that are often compared to the grips that come with the clubs you buy in the store already.

  • Lamkin golf grips comfortably fit your hands, which makes it much easier to operate your golf clubs.
  • They are lightweight, durable, and provide a comfortable feel in your hands.
  • For these reasons, they tend to be more expensive than most other grips available on the market today.
  • They are designed to be more durable.
  • Their “grip enhancer” technology helps you hold the club much longer than the average golfer.
  • The grip enhancer is one of the best features of these grips. This is a very unique feature not included in most golf grips, but it’s found here in Lamkin grips.
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What do we like about Lamkin golf grips

  • I like the way they feel in my hands, they don’t slip or slide around at all
  • They are durable and provide a comfortable feel to hold on
  • They improve your swing
  • They last longer than most other grips on the market today
  • The grip enhancer allows you to hold on to your club for a much longer time than normal. It provides great accuracy and a better swing.
  • They’re not as hard as most other golf grips. Making them very comfortable and easier to put on and take off of your club.

What we don’t like about Lamkin golf grips

  • They are usually more expensive than other golf grips. Even with the premium price, I have never found them to be overpriced.
  • They are very tough to get on and off of the clubs. If you want to make any adjustments, it can be very difficult to do so without having someone else help you.
  • They don’t come in different colors. I haven’t seen any different colors of Lamkin grips, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter because there aren’t many designs available anyway.
  • The grip doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty, so if something happens to them, you have to contact Lamkin directly.

What are some of the Lamkin golf grips on the market today?

  • Lamkin Crossline Midsize – This is the most popular set of golf grips on the market today.
  • Lamkin Crossline Jumbo – These are also really popular among golfers looking for a slight upgrade of their old worn-out grip, or those who are looking for something even more durable.
  • Lamkin Crossline Cord – These are my favorite kind of golf grips out there because they’re very easy to install and manage over time.
  • Lamkin Crossline Cord Standard – These golf grips tend to last longer than the normal club grips.
  • Lamkin Super Stiff – For those who like firm grips, these might be the way to go.
  • Lamkin Sonar Standard Golf Grips – These are for those who prefer a more rubberized grip.
  • Lamkin Sonar Midsize – These are a little firmer than the Sonar Standard Golf Grips, but they still have a very soft touch.
  • Lamkin Crossline 360 – These are also very cheap and durable.
  • Lamkin Crossline 360 Standard – This set of golf grips has a much smoother feel in your hand when you hit the ball. They also have a much firmer grip.
  • Lamkin Crossline Midsize – a more heavy version of a steadier grip that helps you improve your swing and feel more confident in your swings.
  • Lamkin Crossline Jumbo – These are amongst the most cheaper options.
  • Lamkin Crossline Jumbo Cord – this standard grip is very durable and tends to fit most clubs. They don’t tend to slip or slide around in your hands at all.
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Some more Lamkin golf grips

  • Lamkin UTx – cheaper than other Lamkin golf grips.
  • Lamkin UTx Midsize – These have a softer feel in your hands but are still heavier than most of the clubs on the market today.
  • Lamkin UTx Cord – This type of grip is a lot more durable than most others.
  • Lamkin UTx Standard – These are firmer grips that tend to last longer. They are also more likely to help improve your swing.
  • Lamkin TS1 Standard – these grips are very durable and come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Lamkin TS1 Hybrid – these grips, like the TS1 Standard, also come with a lifetime warranty and help improve your swing greatly.

Why do I recommend Lamkin golf grips?

I have found that Lamkin golf grips are really great for improving your swing, even if you are just starting out.

I have seen it happen with several of my friends and family members who play regularly, and I am always there to help them find the best grip that’s right for them. Lamkin golf grips can really be a great investment and will undoubtedly improve your game in no time.

Lamkin golf grips
Lamkin golf grips

Frequently asked questions about Lamkin golf grips

Are Lamkin golf grips worth the money?

I would say that it depends. If you are just beginning to play golf, then I’d recommend spending a little bit more on a better grip.

Lamkin grips are easy to install and work great for people with small hands or large ones. You want to have something that’s going to be comfortable for you so you can learn the proper techniques faster.

The grip size of a golf club can really affect your swing. If you have a light grip, then it might fall out of your hands while you swing.

This will have a negative impact on the power of your shot and could force you to lose control over your club, which will probably ruin a perfectly good drive for you.

If you would like some more insight into choosing the right kind of golf grip, we have discussed some tips for regripping your golf clubs.

Are Lamkin golf grips any good?

I love using Lamkin grips. They’re made of a rubber polymer that tends to give you a much better feel on the club. It’s definitely something that beginners like should try out, especially because it tends to be more comfortable than other less expensive brands of golf grips.

When I first started playing, I had problems controlling the club and I didn’t understand why. I was going to all of the golf instructors I could find in my town to try and figure out why my shots weren’t going in a straight line.

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One of them noticed that my grip was slipping during my swings, so he recommended that I get one of Lamkin’s grips designed for beginners. I tried it out and instantly felt a lot more confident in my shots. Lamkin grips are easy to install and they don’t wear out too easily. I’m still using the same pair of grips almost two years after getting them.

Are Lamkin golf grips easy to use?

I love the way this brand of golf grips feels in my fingers because I can control the club with much more ease. It’s made especially for people who are getting started, so it has a lightweight feel to it. The grip is also easy to install, which makes it even easier for beginners to get the hang of things.

As your golf skills improve, you can start getting more comfortable with your grip and then work on building up the muscles in your hands that will allow you to swing much more freely.

I definitely recommend checking out Lamkin golf grips if you’re interested in improving your game.

Who makes Lamkin golf grips?

Lamkin is a company that first started making its products in the mid-1920s and they have been making great golf clubs and other accessories ever since. They do a lot of work with top golfers from around the world to make sure that their products are always of high quality.

Their focus today is still on building great golf grips for beginners, as well as custom club grips for people at all levels.



on Amazon

Amazon Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Final thoughts regarding Lamkin golf grips

I have seen many great golfers on the PGA tour use Lamkin golf grips, including Keegan Bradley and Brendan Steele. So you know that they are good enough to be able to win on the world’s stage.

If you are just getting started, then Lamkin will have something that fits your needs. They are perfectly comfortable, easy to install, and very durable. You won’t find a better golf grip on the market today, even compared with what you find in the store.


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