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Lazrus golf clubs review

Brace yourself for an onslaught of golf clubs. In this article, we provide a detailed review of Lazrus golf clubs. The aim is to help you make the right decision as you choose your golf clubs.

Lazrus is a company with some very high-quality clubs at reasonable prices. They’re made to be durable and allow you to take your game to new levels without breaking the bank.

We have also previously reviewed other great value club options. For example this review of Mazel golf clubs, RAM golf clubs, and Adams golf clubs.

Lazrus Golf Logo
Lazrus Golf Logo
Lazrus golf clubs review
Lazrus golf clubs review



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Amazon Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

What are Lazrus golf clubs?

Lazrus golf clubs are available in the following three categories: hybrids, irons, and wedges. The irons also have a straight ball flight, which helps them be more consistent than the wedges you’ll find in other models.

The company only makes one metal shaft model. However, they do offer some thicker steel shafts as well.

Lazrus has a solid range of golf clubs, and the reviews look good for these products. Most customers are satisfied with what they’ve purchased. In some cases, they opt for other models. However, the majority of people are delighted with these value clubs.

What are the features of Lazrus golf clubs?

  • Straight flight: The irons combine a straight ball flight with a moderate draw bias and more modern stainless steel shafts.
  • Comfort: The hybrids are made of a strong, durable composite material. This makes them lightweight as well as durable.
  • Steel flex: The wedges are the heaviest golf club in the line-up, and they have a relatively low flex rating of 25-degree to 60-degree depending on the model. This means their swinging weight will be less than other clubs on the market.
  • The hybrid and iron clubs are made with some very high-tech materials. Users claim that you can truly tell the difference between the two models. The irons have been designed to give you a straight ball flight and great distance. They’re also quite forgiving on off-center hits.
  • On the other hand, the hybrids have been designed around distance and accuracy over forgiveness. They feature a normal flight for those who are focused on the core fundamentals of the game.
  • The irons are available in 4-10 inch lengths depending on your preference. This gives you plenty of flexibility to find a club that fits you right and helps you to improve your game.
  • The shafts of the irons are designed to absorb vibrations rather than amplify them. The reason is quite simple, as manufacturers know that receptive golfers don’t care about being “overpowered”.
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What do we like about Lazrus golf clubs

  • The quality: The clubs are made to be durable, and users claim that they hold up quite well compared to other models on the market. The steel shafts are pliable and offer a nice feel.
  • Value for money: Even though these models aren’t top notch, they’re still relatively inexpensive. Most people consider them to be a bargain, considering how low the price is and how well they perform.
  • The durability of the heads: The company has made these clubs to be as resilient as possible. The titanium heads are very durable and allow you to use them for years to come without replacing them.
  • The price: The RRP is around $200 for a full set of clubs. This means you can get a set of golf clubs with high-quality components for this price. If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, these models may be the right choice.

What we don’t like about Lazrus golf clubs

  • Eye appeal: Some of the models are a little bit dull in color. In fact, the irons tend to be darker than you might like. They’re not ugly by any means, but many golfers would argue that they aren’t as good looking as some of the other options on the market.
  • The finishing: Some parts need to be tightened regularly or replaced altogether. This is especially true of the shafts. The company is quick to respond to most problems, though. This means you should never be stuck with a product that you don’t want or can’t use.
Lazrus golf wedge
Lazrus golf wedge

Why do I recommend Lazrus golf clubs?

The allure of Lazrus golf clubs is that they’re a solid product at a very low price. We’ve reviewed several products in the past and have found them to be quite durable and reliable. The designs are also pretty unique, which makes them stand out from the rest.

All this is good news for golfers who are looking for something affordable yet effective. On the other hand, you might want to choose another set of clubs if you’re unhappy with your purchase already.

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We think they’re a great value because they offer lower-priced products than some of their competitors. The irons are also made to perform well under different scenarios.

Frequently asked questions about Lazrus golf clubs

Are Lazrus golf clubs any good?

Yes, and it’s up to you to find out for yourself. We’ve reviewed their products multiple times in the past, and we think that there’s no better model on the market at this time.

The quality is at par with much more expensive clubs from the big guns of the industry. These Lazrus products are well designed and built to last. They’re also available at a very low price, which makes them a great value for money.

Are Lazrus golf clubs easy to use?

Yes, the clubs are very easy to use. They’re also very durable, and you can expect them to work for a long time. However, keep in mind that these aren’t the best options on the market if you’re looking for the most forgiving irons around.

Lazrus golf irons
Lazrus golf irons

Are Lazrus irons forged?

Yes, the irons are forged from a single piece of metal.

Forged clubs are stronger and more durable than standard ones. This is because the heat has been applied to the metal in a controlled manner. The result is a stronger product that will last longer.

It would be best if you never hesitated to choose a forged club over one with a cast head. Forged clubs are usually heavier and produce better distance than cast ones.

The downside is that they are harder to mass produce, which means they’re more expensive than cast clubs. In addition, the design of the head may be more complicated and take longer to produce. This is why forged irons are usually more expensive than their standard counterparts.

The Lazrus company isn’t using any carbon steel for their models.

Lazrus golf hybrids
Lazrus golf hybrids

Are Lazrus hybrids any good?

The Lazrus hybrids are available in two different models. The first option is known as the Lazrus Hybrid and features a normal flight pattern. It’s also very durable and lightweight, making it easy to work in and out of difficult areas.

The other choice is the Lazrus Hybrid 2.0 and has a low spin rate with a draw bias model. It works well on all types of terrains, and you should be able to get some excellent distance from your shots with this club.

So are Lazrus hybrids any good? Yes, they are. The company has done an excellent job with these products, and they deserve mention in this review.

Lazrus hybrids are good if you’re looking for something strong and durable. The company is known for using only high-quality materials and finishing them to the highest possible standards. It’s one of those niche manufacturers, but the products live up to their name.

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Yes, the company is very aware of the USGA’s rulings and works hard to ensure that they’re in line with all of them. The products are also legal in most other countries. So don’t worry about them being banned or anything like that.

The wedges are also made from high-quality materials and have been designed to be as playable as possible.

We also like the fact that they’ve been made to be very forgiving. You can use them to hit shots on various terrains, and you shouldn’t have a problem with any of them.

They’re straight, but it’s easy to work the ball both ways.

Are Lazrus golf clubs forgiving?

Yes, they are. You have to use a good swing to make them work well for you, but you should be able to do that with most products on the market as well.

These clubs were designed to be used by golfers of all skill levels and preferences. So if you’re an experienced golfer or a beginner, these should work for you no matter what.



on Amazon

Amazon Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Final thoughts regarding Lazrus golf clubs

The list of pros and cons for these Lazrus products is pretty short. There are no critical issues with the design or performance, and there aren’t any major drawbacks in terms of durability. If you’re shopping for a great-value product, this is a good option that won’t let you down.

In addition, the company didn’t skimp on materials and manufacturing processes, which means that they’ll last longer than some other models on the market. This is why we think they’re a great value for money.


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  1. Mark L. Clark

    Thank you for the review. I am needing good irons that don’t break the bank. It’s difficult these days to know who’s telling the truth and nobody wants to be scammed. Thanks.

  2. Don

    I purchased a #6 hybrid and took it to the range for a try. The very first ball I hit felt like I was hitting the ball with a log. The more balls I hit did not seem to matter. I gave up took it home and changed the shaft. Big improvement but found the ball has to be hit very flush or the feeling is not very satisfying. I play to a 6 handicap and feel like I strike the ball very well. I am continuing to work with this club to give it a chance to remain in my bag. Will know soon.

  3. Mark L Clark

    The Lazrus wedges are f forged. The 4 thru 9 irons are cast.

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