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Mazel is a company that makes golf drivers, irons, and fairway woods for the budget-minded golfer! If you’re looking for a way to cut down on your golf club expenses, Mazel Golf Clubs are just what you need.

The company’s mission is to provide quality equipment at affordable rates. The golf clubs, in particular, are praised for their excellent value and superb playability.

Mazel knows they are offering great products at reasonable prices!

The company that started it all in the early 1990s was an ambitious couple passionate about golf. In the beginning, all they had were a couple of retired woodworkers left over from a large-scale contract project.

They set up shop in their backyard garage and began to create golf clubs for people who wanted something more than the mass-produced products on store shelves at that time.

Today, Mazel is one of the premier manufacturers in the industry, with an impressive roster of customers and products to prove it!

We featured some of Mazel’s golf clubs as the Best Budget Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers and the Best Golf Driver for High Handicappers Under $150

RankTitleItem NamePrice (from)Amazon RatingAmazon
1Best Overall Mazel Clubs SetMAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons Set for Men & Women, Right Handed$2994.3View on Amazon

What are Mazel Golf Clubs?

Mazel’s golf clubs come from steel. Today, the company sells golf clubs in three different price ranges. These are:

  1. The $299 Performance package is the entry-level club! It includes a driver, 4 fairway woods, 3 hybrid irons, and 4 wedges. The set also comes with a stand bag and a cart bag.
  2. The $499 Mid-range package is for players who want a little more. You will find the performance driver in this set, plus 4 fairway woods, 3 hybrids, and 3 wedges. The bag also comes with a stand and cart.
  3. The top-of-the-line package contains a performance driver, 4 fairway woods, 3 hybrids, and 3 wedges. This set comes with a stand bag and cart bag as well.

All of Mazel’s Golf Clubs are made in the USA.

Mazel Golf Clubs Review
Mazel Golf Clubs Review



on Amazon

Amazon Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Features of Mazel’s Golf Clubs

  • Traditional in design, the Mazel Golf Clubs are easy to use.
  • Users report: “The product is very simple and all in one club comes in all its parts.”
  • The clubs are made of steel. The designers took into account the needs of the beginner golfer and came up with a set of relatively easy to use clubs.
  • They also report that their beginners have advanced rapidly visually with some guidance from other golfers.
  • Users have also found that these clubs are easy on the eyes aesthetically, and they express how happy they are to have found a set of clubs that doesn’t look like all the other sets out there!
  • As one user puts it: “The distance is accurate as advertised and seems to be true to its advertised distance.”
  • Mazel Club Sets are reasonably priced. If you’ve ever shopped around for golf clubs, you know that golf products range from low-cost to high-end.
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Mazel Golf Clubs
Mazel Golf Clubs

What we like about Mazel Golf Clubs

  • The company is a careful innovator. The golf clubs are hand-crafted in the U.S, and they’re priced for mass production.
  • The Mazel Golf Clubs are made of steel rather than aluminium or graphite, which may not be as strong, but they will not corrode or warp.
  • Beginner golfers have well received Mazel Golf Clubs! This makes perfect sense since the club set is built to be easy to learn with.
  • Beginners don’t have to worry about having to buy expensive replacement clubs as they improve.
  • The overall look and feel of the set are also very nice!
  • Another great thing is that even though they’re made of steel, the clubs seem well-balanced and easy to swing, making gameplay very enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels.

What we don’t like about Mazel Golf Clubs

  • The Mazel Golf Club is a great value, but it does have its detractors. Some users have found the product to be relatively fragile- especially the woods and iron sets.
  • We found: “Doesn’t come with a case, (but the stand bag/cart bag is just fine).”
  • The golf clubs don’t come with a case. This is typical of the beginning-level golf clubs and is well within most budgets. If it’s essential for you to to have a case, you can always purchase one on your own. This will be helpful if you’re planning to travel with your golf set.
  • It also doesn’t come with many extras, such as the “check system” that most higher-end brands use. This system helps you tell if your club is facing properly when you address it.
  • In addition to these complaints, there are also a few reports of shipping problems.

Frequently asked questions around Mazel Golf Clubs

How do you Play with Mazel Golf Clubs?

The performance, mid-range, and top-of-the-line golf club sets are very similar both in terms of looks and quality. They are all 18 clubs, including a putter. They all come with a bag that has multiple compartments to store your equipment.

Active Golf Area Proceed with Caution
Active Golf Area Proceed with Caution

What do Mazel’s Golf Clubs Look Like?

Mazel sells its golf clubs in three different colors. You can choose from:

  1. Black, which includes a black driver with a traditional black shaft.
    Like all other Mazel Golf Clubs, it is made of steel to look forward to the durability and performance you expect when dealing with this brand.
  2. White, which features a white driver with a black shaft.
    Like the black model, this golf set is made from steel.
  3. Red, which comes with the company’s signature red driver with a black shaft.
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Who are Mazel’s Golf Clubs For?

Mazel Golf Clubs are for the budget-conscious player who wants an elegant, quality golf club set. You can buy a set suited to your style.

Do you like a driver with a traditional black shaft? Or do you prefer an elegant white shaft?

If you like red, Mazel has the color for you as well! The company also sells its products online. This way, anyone in the world can buy one of its golf clubs.

Are Mazel Golf Clubs great?

However, the big question is: are these clubs good enough to warrant the price?

First, when considering the price of these clubs, you have to ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay for a quality golf set. If you’ve read the company’s mission statement, then you know that Mazel works with golfers who are looking for value and playability.

What you get with Mazel Golf Clubs is an entry-level set that is crafted to give you the most for your buck.

The company makes its fairway woods, hybrids, and wedges from steel. This means that they are durable and very good at dispersing and inducing short distance.

Also, when used with the company’s top-of-the-line drivers, you will find the consistent distance.

The company has created a reputation as a solid manufacturer of quality products that are at competitive prices.

This isn’t just true for Mazel Golf Clubs. It is also true for its golf balls and irons as well!

Who makes Mazel Golf Clubs?

Mazel is a company that makes golf drivers, irons, and fairway woods for the budget-minded golfer! If you’re looking for a way to cut down on your golf club expenses, Mazel Golf Clubs are just what you need.

The company’s mission is to provide quality equipment at affordable rates. The golf clubs, in particular, have been praised as excellent value and superb playability.

Are Mazel golf clubs any good?

Yes! The company prides itself on offering golf clubs that are competitive in terms of quality and price. They have an excellent reputation among consumers who are looking for quality products at affordable rates.

You can read comments by people who’ve tried these clubs, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any negative feedback about them.

What are Mazel Golf Clubs Made of?

Each golf club in the line is made of steel. This means that it’s durable and very good at absorbing and dispersing short-to-medium distances.

The fairway woods, hybrids, and wedges are also steel to perform similarly to the driver.

Are Mazel Golf Clubs worth it?

Yes, Mazel golf clubs are worth it. If you’re into the game and want to buy a new set, then Mazel is the perfect place to go.

There are many benefits to buying this company’s products.

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Several golfers have raised concerns regarding the legality of Mazel wedges. They are legal to use in tournaments. They conform to USGA regulations, as explained on the company’s website.

You can check the USGA rules on wedges to confirm whether Mazel is legal or not.

What is in a Mazel golf club set?

The company’s three different sets all contain the same clubs: 3 fairways woods, 3 hybrids, and 3 wedges.

Each set has a driver, an iron, and a wedge. All of these are steel, so they can be used for distance and give you consistent playability.

Are all Mazel Golf Clubs Single Length Golf Clubs?

No, the company makes traditional length clubs as well.

You can read more about them on their website, and you can also see a list of which golfers use these clubs on tour!

Does Mazel sell a single-length driver?

Yes, Mazel has a driver that is considered a single-length club. It has 28.5″ of loft and a D1 head design.

This model retails for as low as $299.

Does Mazel Golf Clubs have a warranty?

Yes, Mazel Golf Clubs have a 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, it will be replaced or reimbursed in full.

Mazel even offers free shipping! To find out more, visit the company’s website.

If you are buying on Amazon, you will get free shipping if you are part of Amazon’s Prime shipping. Additionally, Amazon also offers returns in certain conditions.



on Amazon

Amazon Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Why do I recommend the Mazel Golf Clubs?

Overall, Mazel Golf Clubs are pretty good. They are made from high-quality steel that is durable and consistent in terms of performance and playability.

Mazel Golf Clubs have received rave reviews from players who have bought them for their playability and low price.

If you are a hobby golfer or one who prefers to play infrequently, then the Mazel Golf Clubs are exactly what you need.

They are budget-friendly and will give you years of playability.

Why should you buy these clubs? For one, they’re durable! You can expect them to last for a long time. Second, they are quality clubs at a great price.

If you’re looking for an entry-level set that won’t break the bank, Mazel Golf Clubs will work for you!


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