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Golf Bag tips

Golf bags are designed to carry all your equipment and nothing else. If you find yourself constantly running to the car store, or worse yet, phoning for a new one, you’re doing it wrong. Here are 17 tips that every golfer should know to avoid these issues and keep their bag from going from golf bag to golf junk drawer.

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Tips for your new golf bag

1. How do I pick the right golf bag?

Your first step in choosing a good golf bag is selecting the right one for you.

A golf bag is essentially a giant purse. So if you are a woman, you need a woman’s golf bag. If you are a teenage boy, there is no way in the world that an adult’s golf bag will work for you.

The same thing goes with your height too. If the bag is too tall or too short, it will be uncomfortable to carry and could cause injury to your lower back and upper legs.

Also, consider how much weight it can carry. If you are hitting a lot of buckets and tend to carry more golf equipment than the average player, you may want to choose a bag that can support more weight.

We have discussed golf bag buying tips in detail previously.

2. How To Pack A Golf Bag

Once you’ve chosen your bag, learn how to pack it properly.

Your golf bag is not a trash can or a laundry hamper. It would help if you packed everything neatly into the bags to keep everything organized and nothing is misplaced or lost. Start by lining your golf clubs up from longest to shortest.

Don’t forget to include your putter in the mix.

Once your golf clubs are packed, pack everything else neatly on top of them. Don’t forget to include all the small items like ball markers, tees, and extra shoes. If you are carrying a few extra items, don’t worry – they will fit.

If you want to carry more weight, buy a bag with a strap (or better still, a double strap) that is adjustable for different lengths.

You may have heard that you should never put wet towels in your golf bag. If you do, they can mildew and ruin the bottom of your bag.

However, if you plan to use this tip, keep in mind that most companies have built their bags to withstand water, so don’t worry too much about mildew.

If you do have a wet towel in your bag, just hang it up to dry.

Another common tip is to pack an extra pair of pants or socks in the bag. If you do this, make sure that they are clean and smell nice.

3. How To Carry A Bag

When it comes to carrying your golf bag, never allow the bag to rest on a shoulder, as it can lead to back and shoulder problems.

Invest in a cart or a caddie if you want to save your shoulders and your back. To keep things balanced and prevent strain, it is essential not to place an extra item – such as a beverage holder – on top of the large strap.

The two most important aspects of carrying a golf bag are the size you buy and the type of storage you use.

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While many golfers purchase oversized bags simply because they think they may need more space for their clubs, choosing a bag that fits your specific needs is actually very important.

A small, compact bag may work for some players but not all. And while larger golf bags can be very heavy and bulky, they can also be difficult to carry due to their large size.

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4. How To Keep Your Bag In Good Shape

As with anything, regular care and maintenance can help keep your golf bag in good shape.

Ensure that the bottom of your golf bag is clean and dry and that there isn’t any rust or old dirt stuck to it. A clean and dry bag will also help keep your clubs dry when you’re on the course.

Check your zipper regularly to make sure it stays in good condition and doesn’t get stuck.

Also, check all of the metal hooks that attach your clubs or accessories to the bag. If you purchased a bag with a waterproof lining, check to ensure that it hasn’t become damaged or torn.

5. How To Clean Your Golf Bag

Before cleaning your golf bag, make sure that it is completely dry.

To do this, remove all golf clubs and accessories from the bag. Remove the large strap and hang your bag in a well-ventilated area to dry. Once it’s completely dry, scrub the bottom of the bag with a mild detergent.

If necessary, you can use a brush to get rid of any dirt or grime on and around zippers. It is also essential to check for stains or rust at this time as well.

We have also previously discussed the best way to clean your golf balls and the best way to clean your golf clubs.

6. How To Store Your Golf Bag

If you are storing your golf bag for several months, remove all the metal pieces from the golf club heads and soften your golf balls in a little bit of water and baking powder. You mustn’t soak your golf balls in a lot of water, just a little bit of water will be enough. This will prevent them from drying out over time.

If possible, store your bag in a cool and dry spot.

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Figuring out what to carry in your golf bag

7. What should be in my golf bag?

There are a few essentials that you need in your golf bag every time you hit the course:

  1. Golf balls – You’ll want to have several on hand as well as an extra one for those “just in case” moments. Also, make sure your golf balls are clean and dry before you put them in your golf bag. You can read our review articles on golf balls.
  2. Golf clubs – Depending on your game, you may want to have a few different sets of clubs. For instance, if you want a set of drivers or irons for your iron shots and another set of wedges for your approach shots, make sure you have both. Check out our review articles related to golf clubs.
  3. Golf gloves – More than one of these is recommended since they wear out over time. Consider a glove for your different clubs. We have previously reviewed the best golf gloves for men.
  4. Golf tees – It is essential to carry more than one of these since they tend to get lost or dirty sometimes on the course, especially if you are taking your kids out for the day.
  5. A divot tool – One that is sturdy and does not bend easily will be best for your golf bag. You’ll also want to include some golf grip tape too so you can reattach grips when needed on the club heads.
  6. Rain gear – If it is a rainy day you’ll want to have a rain suit of some sort with you, even if it is just an umbrella. Heavy rain can ruin your day if you aren’t prepared for it.
  7. A golf towel – This will help you quickly dry off the clubs that get wet and clean up after any spills of beverages that may occur on the course. We have discussed these in our article on the best way to clean golf clubs.
  8. A hat – If you are one of those golfers that play during the hot season, a hat is a must!
  9. Sunglasses – Play in the sun, and you’ll need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  10. Water bottle – It doesn’t matter if it is warm or cold out. You’ll want to have water readily available on the course.
  11. Golf accessories – You’ll definitely want a few golf accessories while on the course. Examples of these include this Callaway 300 Pro Range finder that we have reviewed in detail..
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Having lots of extras in your golf bag may seem like a great idea at first, but in the end, they can actually weigh you down.

8. What should I do with my old golf bags?

If you’ve got a new golf bag or replace an old one, it is important that you recycle your old one.

Take your old golf bags to local charity stores or organizations and get them to reuse for good causes. Not only can you help the environment, but a new person will be able to reuse your old bag without having to pay for shipping or any other fee.

9. How many golf balls can you have in your bag?

The number of golf balls you have in your golf bag depends on several different factors.

Golfers who play more often will need a wider variety of balls than those who don’t play as often. For example, you would consider having balls for your driver, for example, these balls are made for distance. You may also need some harder balls.

All in all, you should not carry more than one (1) dozen balls at a time in your bag. Regular players can carry about six (6) golf balls, but beginner golfers should stick to just 12 pieces.

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10. Can you have two (2) putters in your golf bag?

The answer is yes. It is allowed to have two putters in your golf bag provided that you check and make sure that they are of different types and maybe even, brands.

If you’ve got both a long putter (for long shots) and a regular putter, then you can bring both in your bag. Otherwise, it would be best to stick with just one putter in your bag.

The big issue is that most golf courses only allow 14 golf clubs in your bag. Therefore, consider if carrying two putters is worth it since it might mean leaving behind an iron or driver.

11. How many wedges should I carry in my golf bag?

On average, you should carry 3–4 wedges with you, but it all depends on your style of play.

A majority of golfers stick to one type of wedge, such as a sand wedge (for shots requiring precise accuracy), a pitching wedge (for longer and more controlled shots), or putting wedges (for controlled long shots with less spin usually used in the finishing strokes).

The best thing to do is look at the types of courses you will be playing to plan.

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Care and maintenance tips for your golf bag

12. Do golf bags get dirty?

Of course, they do! However, the biggest thing you can do is make sure that your golf bag is stored in a dry place to get too dirty in the long run. You should also make sure that your clubs are clean before you put them back in your bag.

Also, do not put a wet towel in your golf bag. Having a damp towel inside your golf bag may cause mildew.

Instead, place it somewhere else where it can dry on its own. For example, hang it on your bag while on the course or at home. For more info, please read our article on golf bag washing.

Another advantage is if you store your clubs when clean and dry, then you won’t have to deal with a rusty or dirty club head when you hit the course.

If you have a rusty golf club, you can check out our article on the best way to clean rusty golf clubs.

13. Do white golf bags get dirty more?

Yes, white bags do get dirty more than black or colored ones. However, it all depends on the care you take of your bag. If you keep it clean and dry, then it will look its best over time.

14. How should I clean my golf bag?

There are so many ways you can go about cleaning your golf bag.

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It is important to keep your golf bag clean at all times because dirt and grime can easily ruin the appearance of your new golf bag.

You can clean it by hand using a damp cloth or towel. You can also use a mild detergent and water. The best part is that you can get most of the stains off in this way, but if you would like to remove sticky or ink stains, you should follow these directions.

  1. Use a specialized product such as Goo Gone (we recommend this one). This will remove 95% of all types of sticky stains.
  2. For ink stains, you can use Amodex Ink and Stain Remover

Both of these stain removers are available for under $15.

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Additional tips for your golf bags

15. How to keep golf clubs from rattling in your bag?

Golf club chatter or golf bag chatter is one of the biggest complaints golfers have with their golf bag.

You can put one or two towels in your bag to reduce this effect, but you will still get some chatter. To fix this issue, you should try to find a golf club cover for your drivers or irons. Or, if that still doesn’t do the trick for you, then you should try to eliminate as much movement from the clubs as possible.

Here are a few things to help achieve this:

  1. Use headcovers for your golf clubs to prevent the heads from hitting each other and causing the rattling. You can check out some of the available golf club head covers here. These range from $20 for a set.
  2. Purchase and install a plastic holder for your irons. This will keep your irons together and each in its own compartment to prevent rattling. These range from $15 and are available on Amazon.
  3. Use a lot of padding or towels to keep the clubs from getting caught up in any other part of your bag.
Founders golf bag
Founders golf bag

Alternatively, you can buy a golf bag that comes with an organizer head, for example:

  1. This Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top, available from $199
  2. RAM Golf Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Molded Organizer Divider Top with USA Flag, available from $189
  3. EG EAGOLE 14 Way Divider Top Premium Golf Cart Bag, available from $169

16. Can you use a stand bag on a golf trolley?

Yes. Many golf bags come with a double strap system, which means that you can use it on both trolleys and pushcarts.

Even if your golf bag does not come with a double strap, you can still use it on a golf trolley. Just make sure you use the strap to attach it to your trolley securely.

17. What causes the zipper on golf bags to jam?

It’s probably due to a dirt or debris build-up inside the zipper mechanism.

To fix this issue, you just have to use a needle and some soapy water to unjam it. If cleaning it doesn’t work, then try using WD-40 lubricant instead.

Final thoughts on golf bags tips

After reading this article, you should have more knowledge on what golf bags to get if you are a beginner at golf. If you are a seasoned golfer, consider these valuable tips to have as you plan out your play.

These golf bag tips will help you pay attention to the things that affect the condition of your golf bags and give them the care they need.

If you have any additional suggestions on improving our golf bag tips article or other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

We hope that this article has helped you get started on taking good care of your golf bag.


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