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13+ Ways to Say "Good Luck at Golf"

Every time you hit a putt, it’s good luck. You might not know that to say “good luck” at golf is not only a greeting but also an expression of appreciation for the ball rolling in. It’s nice to hear it on the course and even better to say it.

As part of the golfing etiquette series, we have also discussed how to ask someone their golf score, and what to say after winning.

What to say to golfers for good luck

The next time you say “good luck” to a golfer, make sure you know how to say it the right way to avoid being confused with another expression.
The expression “Good luck” is usually used among friends and family members when they meet at golf courses. So, let’s learn how to use it the right way next time you see your fellow golfers on the course.

Here are some words and phrases you can use.

1. Good luck golfing!

“Good luck,” the golfers say when they meet on any of the 18 holes of golf.

Saying “good luck at golf” is also a friendly greeting among friends who know each other well. You can use this phrase when you greet a golfer on the course, or you can use it as a farewell.

I’ll just come out and say it: “Good luck with your game today, Steve!”

2. Enjoy the 19th hole

One of the most common phrases you’ll hear from golfers on the course is “Enjoy the 19th hole.” It’s a friendly way to wish someone good luck on the course since the 19th hole is the common name for the clubhouse after playing the 18 holes.

“I can’t wait to see you on the 19th hole!”

“I’ll see you at the 19th hole, then. Hope you have a nice day of golf!”

You can also use it to say goodbye to other golfers.

“Don’t worry, no matter where you place, I’ll be there to see you at the 19th hole.”

3. Have a great round

The best way to say good luck at golf is: “have a good round.”

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You can also use the phrase, “Have a good day,” if you want to wish your fellow golfers luck in their games.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at the club, and have a great round.”

Moji says: ” You can also have a good day on the course.”

This is a polite way of saying “good luck” without sounding too arrogant. It’s like saying that you wish you could play with them, or at least you hope they will enjoy their games since they are pros.

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4. Fairways and greens!

It’s a common phrase to wish golfers “good luck on the course.”You can also use this expression to say goodbye.

“Fairways and greens all the way!”

You can use it with friends and family members, too. You’ll sound more friendly and casual.

On the golf course, saying fairways and greens is wishing the golfer to align their ball correctly and hit it in the right place.

5. Hit ’em long and straight!

“Hit ’em long and straight!” is a phrase that golfers can use to wish other golfers a good game and ask them to hit the ball well.

“Hit ’em long and straight, and have a great round.”

A happy golfer will never be sad when saying this phrase on the course.

It will wish the golfer to hit a straight shot and long shot when you say to them, “hit ’em long and straight.”

Golfers say this phrase when they wish their fellow golfers good luck. They say it with a smile on their face when they see their fellow golfer on the course.

6. Only birdies!

You can use this to wish your fellow golfer a good shot on the course. The word “birdie” refers to the score of one-under-par or one hole ahead of par. It’s usually said when a golfer makes a good shot or putt.

Birdies are celebrated with high fives and hugs among friends who enjoy golf.

“A birdie!”

“Only birdies, Dave! You can do it!”

You can also use this phrase to wish your fellow golfer good luck.

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Photo by andrew shelley on Pexels

7. Wishing you good shots on the course

The phrase “good shots on the course” is common to wish a golf player good luck. It is a neutral statement that you can use for both friends, family, and just other golfers you meet on the course.

“Good shots, guys!”

“Wishing you good shots today.”

When you see your fellow golfers in the clubhouse, and it seems they did a good shot as well as the green, it can be confusing to say “good shots.” This is because saying “good shots” on the clubhouse would be a compliment rather than trying to say “good luck.”

To avoid confusion, you can use the phrase “good shots” both as a compliment (a way to say “well-done”) as well as saying good luck.

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8. May you avoid the rough

When you wish a golfer good luck, saying “may you avoid the rough” is a way to wish them not to hit the ball into the rough.

“May you avoid the rough, girls! :)”

This phrase is used when your fellow golfer needs encouragement. You can use it when you give them a high-five as well.

The course can become very difficult to play on on a hot and sunny day because of the dense rough. The grass or bush on the sides of fairways is called rough, so don’t hit into it!

The phrase “may you avoid the rough” can make a golfer feel less pressured and worried about hitting into it.

9. Have fun on the course

One of the most common phrases to wish golfers good luck is “have fun on the course.”

“Have fun,” which means being happy and enjoying doing something, can be used in many situations.

Other than just being competitive, golfing is also a fun game. And meeting friends on the course and playing a game together with them can be fun.

“Have fun” is an excellent way to wish your fellow golfers good luck when on the course.

You can also use this phrase in your speech and conversations when you see them on the course.

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Funny ways to wish golfers good luck

10. Good luck with your golf thingy!

For someone who doesn’t understand golf very well, you can use this phrase to make fun of your friends. You can call them “golf thingy,” too.

“Enjoy your golf thingies! :)”

“Good luck with your golf thingy!”

This phrase is a fun way to wish a pleasant day for the golfer’s upcoming game on the course. You can also use it as a goodbye to your friends when you see them on the course.

11. Don’t throw your clubs

“Don’t throw your clubs!” is an expression of encouragement to your fellow golfer. It’s said when you wish the golfer a good shot on the course.

“Don’t throw your clubs, Mike! You’re too good for that.”

This phrase can also encourage a golfer who is having a bad day on the course.

While on the course, literally throwing your clubs means smashing them. Therefore, the phrase “do not throw your clubs” is a fun way to show support for your fellow golfer so that they do not have a bad day on the course.

12. Hope you don’t lose your balls

You can use this expression as an encouragement for your fellow golfer.

Golfers often lose their balls a lot while on the course. This phrase is used in a joking way to wish someone good luck in their game.

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“Hope you don’t lose your balls today, guys! Enjoy the game!”

It’s not funny to say this seriously to other golfers, but it is a funny way to wish someone good luck on the course.

13. May they land only in soft, green stuff

There is a lot of puns intended in this statement. It’s actually a phrase of encouragement that you can use on the course. It’s meant for golfers who have terrible shots on the golf course and is used to wish them good luck.

You may also want to say “May they land only in soft, green stuff” if you want to be sarcastic about it.

14. May the fores be with you

“May the fores be with you” is an expression of encouragement that you can use on the golf course.

The phrase is derived from Star Wars, and it is said in every Star Wars film whenever they have a difficult mission to accomplish. It means “we are going to succeed in our mission.”

However, in golf, the word fores is used to warn someone standing or moving in the ball’s path.

Therefore, when you wish a golfer may the fores be with you, you are using the famous Star Wars expression with a twist of the “fore” golf expression.

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What NOT to say to golfers for good luck

While the expression “good luck” means a lot on the golf course, it means more than that. It is also used when greeting someone, especially a new friend that you’ve just met. And if you use it after playing golf with someone, your friend might not feel comfortable with your answer.

Scroll down for the list of phrases you should NOT say to your golf buddies.

In case you’re wondering, some of these phrases have their own meaning in a friendship or relationship and should be used with caution when wishing good luck to your golf buddies.

List of phrases that should NOT be said for good luck:

  • Don’t break my heart” (don’t hurt my feelings) – To use this phrase to wish good luck is not friendly. It may give the golfer pressure to succeed on the course.
  • Don’t hit it in the water” ( don’t miss the ball) – This expression can often be mistaken to mean that you think the golfer is terrible and often hits their ball into the water or misses it altogether.
  • Try not to hit it too close to me” (don’t get it too close to me) – This phrase should not be used as a wish for good luck because it shows that you’re scared of the golfer’s shot.
  • Don’t shoot, please” (don’t shoot) – This phrase is often said sarcastically when wishing someone good luck on the course.

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