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Best apps that write essays for you

Writing essays is a difficult task for many people. Some people are unable to write long essays as they don’t have the writing skills. For them, apps that write essays for you can be of great help. These apps provide essay-writing services which may be customized in accordance with the requirements of the student.

In this article, we review the 10 best apps that write essays for you. The caveat here is that while these apps do help you in writing, you still need to do your bit in terms of guiding them with the right content.

The majority of the tools we discuss are GPT-3 tools that are aimed at helping writing and editing among others.

Best apps that write essays for you
Best apps that write essays for you

The best apps that write essays for you are based on the following:

1) Writing – It is essential that the app provides the capability to edit your work in progress either manually or through a pre-built template. This way, you can complete your essay in a short amount of time, which helps you in improving your own writing.

2) Editing – Make sure that the app has a great text editing interface. With a text editor, the cleanup of your document is easy. Some of the tools provide you with the option to format your content as you are writing. This allows you to format your writing (bold, headings, italics, etc.).

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1. is one of the best apps that write essays for you.

It helps you in writing essays at any degree level. You can get assistance in writing everything from a simple essay to a lengthy research paper. It offers assistance in various academic fields including history, business, and finance, arts, literature and media studies, law, etc.

So even if you are not confident about your subject matter of interest, it would still be able to provide effective assistance in writing your paper.

One of the best things about is that it works off the mark you provide. So you can start with a few lines and it will continue writing off them till the entirety of your essay is completed.

Behind the scenes, is a GPT-3 AI tool that has been trained to assist in content and writing. With it, you can expect a great level of accuracy in your essay, however, you should be careful to check the facts that Shortly generates.

It is available as a web service. So you can access the service directly from your browser. It is designed keeping simplicity in mind and hence, doesn’t have any complicated procedures to follow.

All you need to do is just provide it with some basic information about your topic, write down what you want it to write, and hit the “Write for Me” button.



per month

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

What I like about

  • The AI behind the tool is GPT-3, which is highly trained, and well knowledgeable on most subjects.
  • The design of keeps simplicity in mind. This can help a lot of students and professionals who are not very good with grammar and sentence structure.
  • You are charged according to the length of the essay, so you don’t have to worry about extra expenses.
  • The pricing plans are pretty much affordable since it doesn’t charge based on credits. When you pay the monthly price, you get unlimited generations.
  • You get support via email, which may come in handy should you need any assistance while working with
  • offers a free 5 day trial for their product which can help you get started.
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What I don’t like about

  • Whenever generates any facts, e.g. years, numbers, etc., you would need to recheck and confirm these. However, this is true for any AI tool.
  • is only available on the browser. While it works fine on most mobile browsers, it still feels less usable on your phone.
  • You cannot format your text easily in Shortly as you would say in Microsoft Word. For example, to bold text, you would need to add a “*” at the beginning and end of the bit you would like to bold. Similarly to add headings, you need to add a number of hashes before the text e.g. “#” for Heading 1, “##” for Heading 2, etc.

Why do I recommend is a fantastic tool that can write essays for you. It has a fantastic AI that assists in generating the content which you would need to write your essay.

The price is quite affordable, and it doesn’t cost based on how long you write, rather on a monthly unlimited usage basis. Moreover, you can get support via email in case of any trouble.

Since it is Powered by GPT-3, you can use any of the GPT-3 commands that work on other GPT-3 tools. also has a great help guide that will help you get started.

2. is a great app that writes essays for you. It is fairly straightforward, and it has some great features. is also based on GPT-3 and provides great quality essays.

It is designed with simplicity in mind and hence, doesn’t have any complicated procedures to follow. All you need to do is provide it with the basic information about your topic, write down what you want it to write, and hit the “Write” button.

Unlike, is based on credits for every word that it generates. However, it does offer free samples so you can get an idea of its capabilities.

In my experience, I found to repeat itself quite a lot compared to This is somewhat frustrating, especially considering that with, you pay for every word that is generated. 1 word = 1 credit. is one of the most famous apps that write essays for you in the UK, Europe, and America.

It operates in a very simple manner and aims to provide flawless results within a fixed time period. It offers assistance in writing papers at all levels of study and has been designed to support the writing process right from identifying keyword suggestions to creating bibliographies, making outlines, and structuring sentences.



per month

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

What I like about

  • There is a free trial period of 5 days, which can be used to check out all the features and functionalities of With this free trial, you get 10,000 credits, which is enough for writing at least 1 essay.
  • has the Long Form Writing Assistant which helps you format your text (headings, bold, italics, etc.) as you write it.
  • If you are not satisfied with the final output of any generation, you can give a thumbs down and get a refund of the credit used in that generation.
  • works very fast and is quite affordable. Compared to most essay writing services, at $59/month for 50k credits (words generated), it is really affordable.
  • Support is available via online chat or email.
  • While the free version doesn’t have any limitations, you can get a lot more out of it by opting for paid plans as these provide you with access to advanced features as well as an increased number of credits per month.
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What I don’t like about

  • The AI behind Jasper gets confused quite often while writing and repeats itself quite frequently. While this isn’t a big deal, it may annoy some users since it leads to wasted credits.
  • Live Chat is only available during business hours which can be an issue if you need help outside of the designated time period.
  • It doesn’t have a native mobile application. This may result in problems when you try to access it on the move, especially if you need to work with it on your smartphone.

Why do I recommend

The main reason why I recommend is because it is backed by the team at GPT-3, one of the most trusted and well-known AI systems in the world.

While there are other similar apps out there, I have tried many others and ended up disappointed. The best thing about is that it not only generates essays for you but also does a few other things for you as well (text formatting, plagiarism check, etc.)

3. is a great essay writing tool for students. It is quite simple and has the power of GPT-3. does not write the entire essay for you but still can generate very good essays for you with its AI engine.

You can simply get to generate an essay and then remake it as your own. It is a great tool that can generate one paragraph of information at a given time.

You can get detailed statistics regarding the progress of your essay, such as the number of words already written and the overall word count left.

The best part about is that it is completely free to get started using! This makes it a great option for you if you are looking for something to write with less effort but do not want to pay anything at all. is a powerful artificially intelligent (AI) essay writer that can assist with essay writing while performing other useful tasks like gathering research and generating the text for your essay.



per month

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

What we like about

  • is completely free to try, and you can get started right away without having to pay a single cent or even enter your credit card details.
  • It is quite flexible and can generate high-quality text in a short amount of time.
  • offers the flexibility of choosing between credit-based billing and monthly unlimited usage billing.
  • It has a pretty good user interface that is easy to follow and use.

What we don’t like about

  • As with any GPT-3 engine, the AI engine can introduce a lot of redundant lines in the essay and hence, repeats itself quite often. Therefore, you need to guide it to ensure the content remains on track.
  • works well with shorter text, but if you are looking to generate longer text with a word count of around 10,000 words, then it may prove to be slightly challenging.

Why do I recommend is one of the best artificial intelligence services you can try if you are looking for something that is free to use while being extremely useful at the same time. is a pretty reliable and intelligent AI service that uses GPT-3 AI engine to generate high-quality texts for you. This service is really useful if you are looking for an app that can generate good quality texts in a short time period or if you have plenty of time to do it by yourself.

4. is a great AI sentence generation tool that offers high-quality text at a reasonable price. It uses the GPT-3 engine, which is one of the most powerful AI systems in the world to generate text and essays for you.

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The only limitation of using is that it is only available in English and thus needs to be used by English speakers. You can sign up for a free account and try for 7 days free.’s pricing model is based on a monthly unlimited usage fee.



per month

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

What we like about

  • It is completely free to try for your first week. The pricing model is also based on a monthly unlimited usage fee model.
  • It is a great solution for short essays that do not require you to worry too much about the quality of the text being generated. However, like any other GPT-3 product, you need to check any facts generated.
  • The AI engine in AI-Writer gives you a plagiarism-free generation. This means that every sentence will be unique and quality content can be provided with ease.
  • They provide email support whenever you need it. The chat system is efficient, and their support staff is very helpful.

What we don’t like about

  • While the free plan is quite attractive, you need to upgrade to a monthly plan if you require to use it for more than 7 days.
  • There are no mobile applications available. It works okay on most mobile browsers, but looks quite small unless used on your PC.


One of the best features of this app is that it is completely free to use! PapersOwl has a free thesis generator mainly aimed at students in college, and university and can be used to generate a thesis.



Absolutely Free!

Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars

What we like about PapersOwl

  • The app is completely free to use.
  • It works just fine on both PC browsers and on mobile.
  • PapersOwl can perform the functions of a thesis advisor and offer comments as well as suggestions on what needs to be changed or improved in your document.
  • It is really professional and includes a proofreading feature that can help check for mistakes.

What we don’t like about Papersowl

  • The app is only available in English, but this does not mean it is restricted to only use by people from English-speaking countries.
  • The thesis generator feature is a little limited. You cannot generate any other kind of document.

Final thoughts on the best apps that write your essay for you

While these apps can offer a quick and easy way to write your essay, they do not necessarily guarantee that the essay will be great. You still need to put in the effort of reviewing and proofreading your work.

These apps do not replace a human writer, but they will surely make your life easier when it comes to essay writing. Always review their work carefully to ensure that you generate high-quality essays.

Use tools like in addition to these essay writing apps to check the grammar of your writing to make sure it is the highest quality possible.


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